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Middle school teaching! Ah!

Fellow educators— I am teaching 7th grade social studies this year. I taught 11th and 12th graders in both psychology and government last year. This is going to be a HUGE change.

I’m also creating ALL the curriculum by myself since I’m the only SS teacher for 7th grade in the school.

Gimme a crash course on things I need to know!!! Things you wish you knew!!? Haaaalp!!



god, i hate teenage girls, they’re so vapid and awful

like, let’s go over a list of all the terrible things teenage girls have done








You are the worst person.
You can be a vegan and whine at people, thats hurting nobody but when you tell people to not take vaccines, you’re endangering public health.
If YOU mixed mercury, aluminium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde and viruses and injected it into someone, you’d kill someone because you have no pharmacological experience. 
If someone in a lab mixed those together, they know how they work, they have medically assessed and peer reviewed evidence and strict guidelines to follow to create a safe and effective product. Why is it legal? Because they know what they’re doing and know how to spell “phosphate” and “ammonium”.
Why don’t YOU educate yourself instead of subscribing to the notion that all scientists are evil and want to poison you are your natural, vegan lifestyle. I say this as a fucking IMMUNOLOGIST, you are single handedly responsible for the skyrocketing resurgence of deaths caused by TB, measles and the worrying prospect of smallpox returning.
Let’s break this one down and give you some education.
Mercury is an element in the compound thiomersal which was part of many vaccines. It has been claimed with NO tangible evidence other than a multifaceted correlation that thiomersals cause autism. This has been investigated thoroughly and no causal link has been found.
Aluminium phosphate is an aluminium salt which is used as an adjuvant in vaccines. An adjuvant is a compound which causes an immune response to be higher and stronger, so that the immune system comes into contact with the attenuated virus more, so that it can recognise the antigens of the virus and provide immunity. They are a necessary part of the vaccine if you want it to work well.
Ammonium sulfate is used in the process of purifying the proteins in the synthesis of a vaccine. It is also found in bread and flour, so you’d better learn to enjoy rice if you want to avoid it.
Formaldehyde is used in the treatment and purification of vaccines and stops contamination. Most of this is removed before the vaccines is shipped, although some remains.
In my personal and scientifically backed opinion, the war against disease is a hundred fold more important than the mum-led war against vaccines. Do you want your child to die a slow, painful, agonising death? If not, then shut the fuck up with your so called “facts” you got from Yahoo Answers and get your kid vaccinated.
I am going to sound derogatory, but if you don’t have formal education in at least biology, you have no role to talk about the way vaccines should be done. You have no idea of the actual function and mechanism in which they work, and you have is a vague knowledge that mercury used to make people mad, formaldehyde is used in embalming and that ammonium sulfate and aluminium phosphate sound scary.
Vaccinate your kids if you want them to live. End of. If you don’t then you clearly don’t love your kids and would prefer to see them die of completely preventable diseases.
This has been a rage filled, alcohol induced response from a scientist.

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Yeah. no. The diseases we vaccinate against are horrible and can be fatal. Not just for your child that you refuse to vaccinate but vulnerable children who can’t be immunized or have compromised immune systems. Don’t be an asshat. Vaccinate your kids. 

vaccinate your fucking kids
vaccinate your fucking pets
vaccinate your fucking self

I hate vaccine denialists with a violent, burning passion. The very premise indicates a complete and utter lack of understanding of how the thing they’re railing against works, and an even more complete lack of understanding of the severity of the diseases they’re blissfully supporting the spread of.
The first vaccine was the deliberate infection of someone with cowpox to avoid smallpox. If you get it, you will get a nasty lesion, and it often leaves a permanent scar. It has never been cleared for pregnant women and can mess you up bad if your immune system is weakened, and according to data from the 60s about .1% of people had a very severe reaction to it. A few died. Oh noes, so scary, they’re injecting live viruses into innocent kids, and there’s phenol in it, ZOMG THAT COMES FROM COAL TAR AND CAN GIVE YOU CHEMICAL BURNS. To this day, it’s one of the most dangerous vaccines.
Thing is? It’s still one hell of a lot less dangerous than smallpox.
You’ll be sick. It’ll hurt you. If you’re unlucky, it might hurt you pretty badly. If you’re really unlucky- about a one in a million chance (this is not a figure of speech, that is actually the number)- you might even die. All of which suck. But they suck quite a lot less than a disease that has anywhere from a 20-60% mortality rate in healthy adults, and upwards of 80% in infants. In the late 1700s, it was killing around 400,000 people annually in Europe, and a third of survivors were permanently blinded.
And thanks to that scary vaccine, it is now completely extinct in the wild.
"But that’s different!" you might say. "We’re not talking about that vaccine! Smallpox is way more dangerous!" So we’ll humor you, Vaccine Denier, and look at MMR instead.
It protects against three diseases: Measles, mumps, and rubella. Measles is the big one: A study in 1931 found a 2% mortality rate in normal infections, with a 32% mortality rate in cases that led to pneumonia. An outbreak in Fiji in 1875 killed 1/3 of the entire population. Nowadays, the mortality rate for it tends to be about .1% in developed countries, but as high as 10% when malnutrition and lack of access to medical care is an issue. Mumps won’t kill you, but the older you are the more likely it is to make you absolutely miserable, and it has a nasty habit of causing dudes’ balls to shrivel up (I’m not kidding, it literally does that), on occasion resulting in sterility. Rubella, a.k.a. German measles, is relatively innocuous in most people, but the effect it has on children whose mothers were infected during pregnancy is bad enough to make up for it.
As a result of the MMR vaccine, the incidence of measles has gone from “you will get it at some point in your life, period” to “almost nonexistent.” Back before the vaccine was introduced, 200,000 cases in a year in the US was an incredibly good year. The population of the US in 1950 was about half what it is now, so if that incidence was the case today, we’d be looking at at least 400 measles deaths a year in the US alone. If we assume the same incidence and survival rate everywhere in the world that we’d have in the US (haha no), that works out to 7.2 billion people worldwide * 4 measles deaths/3 million people = 9600 deaths annually, even with the best medical care currently available.
How many deaths are you attributing to MMR, again? Oh, wait, none.
"It causes autism!"
Yeah, no.
If you refuse to get your kid a MMR vaccination and they don’t get measles, you better thank everyone around you who isn’t a scientifically-illiterate vaccine-denying dumbass, because they’re the only reason your child isn’t suffering for your ignorance.
But I suppose this is getting quite tl;dr, so I will sum it up: If you agree with the original image, you have no idea what you’re talking about and I will kick you in the fucking head.
After I fill out my bingo card.
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You: sitting next to your backpack on the Brooklyn-bound L train last night.

Me: super tired, holding onto the rail, standing up.

I asked you to move your backpack so I could sit down. You said you were getting off in “only one more stop.” I just nodded and looked away. I don’t know if you…

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